Meet Kinnan Ghali

Kinnan Ghali is a man who embodies the ideals of fairness and truth. As a student of law and a person passionate about the rights of others, he has devoted himself to understanding the intricacies of the legal profession. Kinnan developed his passion for helping others at an early age, combining the power of reasoned arguments with supporting evidence to help bring the truth to light.

Kinnan Ghali was born in Chicago, Illinois, to a large family of siblings, including several older brothers. He learned early on that in order to be heard, a certain measure of assertiveness was valuable in his interactions with his family. He gained an understanding that to succeed in arguments with his brothers, he had to use both his heart and his mind. As a young boy, his family relocated to Shreveport, Louisiana, where Kinnan gained exposure to several traditional ideals of the Deep South, including kindness, compassion, and a sense of community.

After moving to the Detroit, Michigan area, Kinnan enrolled at Wayne State University where he studied political science. He graduated from Wayne State with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Throughout his undergraduate education, he was able to distinguish himself as a dedicated student, earning recognition on the university’s Dean’s List for three consecutive years. As he practiced languages as part of his education, he stood out in this arena as well and won the Salim Khaldieh Scholarship for Excellence in Arabic.

Kinnan attended Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. His keen intellect coupled with his passion for law led him to quickly stand out among his peers. He was recognized on the school’s Dean’s List in his final two years at Mercer University. He went on to complete his Mercer education, earning a Juris Doctor degree from the prestigious law program.

Gaining Experience in the Legal Profession

Kinnan Ghali’s interest in law began at an early age when he gained an understanding of what it takes to be successful in seeking the truth. His later experiences also shaped his passion, including interacting with refugees from New Orleans displaced by Hurricane Katrina and with economically disadvantaged individuals in the Detroit metro area. With the personal and educational experiences he had gained, he knew he was on the right path. During his JD program at Mercer University, Kinnan got the opportunity to gain real-world legal experience with an internship at the Rockdale County Public Defender’s Office in Conyers, Georgia.

In addition to writing about legal issues and experiencing many aspects of public defense, Kinnan was also able to serve as a lead counsel in various hearings as he worked closely with the Public Defender. Here, as in other times throughout his life, Kinnan understood that his goal was to help the economically disadvantaged, particularly those who have no other recourse. With compassion, intellect, and belief, Kinnan Ghali continues to study law as his vocation.

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